Welcome to the New Cross River Fiber Website and Blog

dark fiber networkHello World!

Welcome to the new and improved Cross River Fiber website and blog. Here you can learn how we have built our own fiber optic network throughout New Jersey and New York City from the ground up. We are proud to offer the best services in the industry – everything from dark and lit fiber to wavelength to Ethernet to fiber channel, and much, much more.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.05.57 PMWe created our new website to give you the most clear and concise explanation of what we offer, and how we can help support your business’ network and technology needs. We understand that your company cannot operate at its optimal level without an efficient network driving it. And we are passionate about helping you do just that. The website also makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with our staff to find out more about how we can support you.

As for our blog, this is the place to find all the latest news and notes on what Cross River Fiber is up to throughout our fiber footprint. We will also provide our thoughts on the industry as a whole, and share think pieces on where we are now and where we are headed. This is meant to be a place rich with information not only about our company, but about general news and trends that we think are important. We are certain you will find it an outstanding resource.

So take a look around. Get comfortable. Let us know what you think. Our purpose here is to convey to you the power of the network, and the ingenuity of Cross River Fiber.

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