Introducing CRF1400ll Monopole: Cross River Fiber’s Newest Addition

When it comes to electronic trading or sending market data feeds, moving information with speed is top priority. Large investment banks, high-frequency trading firms, and institutional investors rely on platforms with low-latency connectivity to execute millions of orders in mere milliseconds and without this, they loose their advantage in the open market. Cue Cross River Fiber.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.59.37 PMA couple years ago, Cross River Fiber set out an initiative to compliment its already robust, low latency fiber optic network with the development of a strategically placed galvanized monopole for the sole purpose of enabling microwave and millimeter wave data transmission.  It’s first deployment was CRF1700, a now 150’ and soon to be 175’ monopole which stands in close proximity to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) datacenter on MaCarthur Blvd, in Mahwah New Jersey.  On the heals of CRF1700’s success and at the beginning of March 2015, we completed CRF1400. Before we started the construction on CRF1400II, we decided that this monopole like CRF1700 would be focused around one of the many verticals we serve – the financial sector. As a fiber optic and telecommunications solutions provider we know how important it is to achieve the lowest possible latency to keep pace with industry demands. That being said, it’s time you met CRF1400ll Monopole.

So what is the monopole and why are we making such a big deal a
bout it? Located at Federal Blvd., Carteret, New Jersey, CRF1400ll was strategically constructed to be a turnkey solution for end users who are looking to demarc their radio-frequency dishes on a single structure, deploy and house its equipment securely, and have the ability to transition information directly onto Cross River’s fiber optic network and into a electronic communication network “ECN” which are housed within datacenters within very close proximity to the monopole itself. The monopole is equipped with multiple elevation galvanized steel ring mounts for millimeter or microwave dish installations, pole mounted cabinets equipped with 20-amp circuit feeds to install equipment, and directly connected fiber optic cable into the exchanges.  When you put this all together, this Monopole screams speed.

Designed around your company’s unique requirements, Cross River Fiber allows you to control your ability to communicate at the speed of light with high bandwidth and low latency solutions. If your current network solution is outdated and you’re looking for a more direct and faster network path, CRF1400ll is your solution.

It is extremely important that you choose carefully when selecting the right low-latency network provider; Cross River Fiber’s Monopole is the obvious choice. This groundbreaking solution is currently available for immediate occupancy. Go ahead and get started today, fill out our form to find out all the details!


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