Step into Our Company Culture with Cristina Iacona

The world is rapidly becoming more connected, which means working in telecommunications and technology can be inspirational and rewarding. From our cell phones, streaming Netflix, sending x-ray files around the world, to high-frequency trading, connectivity is a critical part of our lives. The solutions and product offerings at Cross River Fiber are changing to adapt to an industry that is constantly developing. That means that our job descriptions and roles are dynamic as well. And we’re looking for more people to join our team.

When you walk through the open office space at Cross River Fiber, you notice that the people on their team have the enthusiasm and dedication that makes the company what it is today. As a small – but growing – company, Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) is starting a series that shares the voices and stories of the Cross River Fiber team and how they find working there impacts their lives beyond just a paycheck. That’s why we decided to profile some of their team members. These are the stories of the people working for Cross River Fiber as told by a Q & A interview session between JSA and a team member of Cross River Fiber.

cristina-CRF-2Without further ado, meet Cristina Iacona

JSA: What is your role at Cross River Fiber?

CI: I am a Project Manager here at Cross River Fiber. My responsibilities require me to maintain a firm grasp on all projects and also have the ability to adapt quickly to shifting priorities. No two days are the same, which makes for an exciting place to work but can also present some challenges. Candidates looking to join Cross River Fiber will find, like I have, that a team atmosphere helps tackle those challenges. We collectively work together across departments to accomplish our goals, which I think is one of the many advantages of working in a small company environment.

JSA: How many years have you been with Cross River Fiber & in that time period have you noticed a change in industry?

CI: I have been with the company for just about four years. In that time, I have seen the industry continuously change and Cross River Fiber successfully adapt to meet that trajectory and the needs of customers. Witnessing what it takes to build, maintain and grow a grass-roots fiber company has provided me with invaluable insight into the fiber landscape and how it is evolving. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from our talented and experienced leadership team about the industry and how to achieve success.

JSA: What inspires you about how Cross River Fiber has evolved over the past few years?

CI: As one of Cross River Fiber’s first employees it is always inspiring to watch the company grow, not only the customer base and the network but also the staff. A growing staff is a true indication of success and I feel a great sense of pride when welcoming new members to our team. In addition, knowing that I have played a role in the company’s success gives me the determination and drive to work even harder.

JSA: What advice would you give to someone looking to join the Cross River team?

CI: If you thrive on creativity and innovation this could be the perfect place for you. Since Cross River Fiber is still a relatively small company, every employee must uphold a real sense of ownership of their work. This accountability gives the right candidate the potential for rapid career growth over the next few years. The best advice I could give to prospective coworkers would be to expect to take on a lot of responsibilities as well as the opportunity to share your input and ideas. It is also important to note that we are seeking talented and hardworking professionals who are also looking to obtain a healthy work-life balance. It is our belief that this allows employees to become more versatile and productive. For those interested in joining our team, I encourage you to apply. We work hard and have fun while doing it!

JSA: Where should people send their resume if they are interested?

CI: Applying is simple, just head over to our blog page, to see what positions are currently available. If one strikes your interest and you feel you are a qualified candidate, email your resume and any questions to I’d also ask you to include a short paragraph telling us why you think you’d make an excellent fit here at Cross River Fiber.

To learn more about Cristina connect with her on LinkedIn!

For more information about our services, updates on Cross River Fiber, or current career opportunities please visit us online at our new website:

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