Cross River Fiber Announces Their Network Expansion Plans

Cross River Fiber announces today at International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2016, that it plans to expand its network offering by more than 50 miles by constructing a new high-density fiber optic cable system. The company already boasts a dense fiber network throughout its footprint that is secure and scalable, offering access to dark fiber, wavelength, Ethernet and o
ther critical network services.

The route design for this fiber optic infrastructure has already been completed and will connect more than 25 of Cross River Fiber’s on-net data centers in New Jersey and New York to multiple subsea cable landing stations along the New Jersey coastline. This will now allow Cross River Fiber to offer dark 2A2BEX2T4Zfiber transport and managed services solutions.

When the route is finished, it will offer diversity from other alternative – and antiquated – terrestrial backhaul systems, some if which have been in place for more than 20 years. The first phase of construction will create connectivity to existing and future subsea cable systems located in the New Jersey towns of Wall, Sea Girt and Manasquan. And that’s just the beginning. A second phase is in place that will eventually continue to expand south into Tuckerton, NJ.

To promote these new service offerings, Cross River Fiber has engaged United Cable Company, which represents the world’s most unique, highly sought-after submarine and terrestrial cable assets.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Cross River Fiber,” states Eric Gutshall, Founder and Global Head of Asset and Capacity Sales for United Cable Company. “Cross River Fiber is known as a creative niche builder of networks in New Jersey and we look forward to selling their services on this new and diverse route to landing stations that will be very attractive to carriers, content providers and the international financial community. The demand is great for alternative high bandwidth solutions, and Cross River Fiber is working to meet that need.”

“Cross River Fiber has an aggressive growth strategy for 2016 and beyond, and this expansion plan lines up nicely with our goals,” says Vincenzo Clemente, Chief Executive Officer of Cross River Fiber. “This system has been strategically designed to enable diverse and latency-sensitive fiber connections via our wholly owned network or by interconnecting with other fiber carrier networks for both metro and long haul applications. Once it has been built, we will be able to offer our partners direct capacity while bypassing existing legacy fiber networks and data centers in northern New Jersey and New York City.”

You can meet Cross River Fiber at ITW from May 9-11, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. To meet the team onsite, please email





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