The Growing Need for Classroom Connectivity

girl-1176165_1920It’s hard to believe that there was a time when students in classrooms had small, handheld chalkboards they used during a day’s lesson. If kids from then could travel in time to now, they would be completely shocked by what they saw. Computer stations against the walls, a teacher giving a multimedia presentation at the front of the room, and a smart tablet in the hands of each student. And this is just one example. Technology in education stretches from preschool all the way to PhD programs.

The need for advanced communications networks is essential in delivering services to school districts, college campuses, and e-learning or web-enabled applications. Connectivity allows for advanced research and communication, video transmission and file sharing, online learning and much more. The need has never been greater for secure and faster connectivity.

At Cross River Fiber, we are happy to report that we are part of the solution. According to EducationSuperHighway, the leading nonprofit organization focused on upgrading the Internet access in every public school classroom, “fiber is the only technology that can scale to meet the ever-growing bandwidth needs of digital learning.” According to EducationSuperHighway’s 2015 State of the States, 80 percent of New Jersey school districts are meeting the minimum 100 Kbps per student goal and 81 percent of schools have the fiber connections needed to meet bandwidth targets. While these statistics are encouraging for our home state, it is also clear there is more work to be done. The report shows that 19 percent of our public schools do not yet have the fiber connections they need. That is where Cross River Fiber comes in.

Our communications infrastructure is built with new, state-of-the-art optical fiber and does not suffer from issues that older networks do, such as multiple points of failure, aging technology, or being compromised with high decibel loss as a result of outdated installation techniques. We take a comprehensive approach to each project we take on in the education sector to design and implement a solution that fits specifically with the unique needs of that school district, administration building or college campus. What’s more, we are responsible for all maintenance so you can always count on connectivity being restored quickly and efficiently should an emergency occur.

At Cross River Fiber, we are dedicated to advancing the use of technology on all levels of education, and provide the necessary network to enhance the learning experiences of students not only in New Jersey, but throughout the country. We meet these needs with the most effective, scalable and secure high-speed fiber solutions on the market.

For more information about our services email, or visit us online at our new website,


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