Industry Insight – Cross River Fiber and Healthcare

If you are a healthcare professional, you know just how much your industry relies on an efficient network. Medical records are shifting from paper to electronic files; facilities and offices must adhere to strict HIPAA regulations to safeguard those files; physicians share information with each other via secure portals; billing information is sent to insurance companies; pharmacies receive instructions and orders in real-time…the list goes on and on.

What might not be recognized on a day-to-day basis is the infrastructure beneath the hospital-928654_640surface that is required to make these networks function properly – the fiber backbone that ensures effective and fast communication. You can’t see it, but it’s there. It ensures the scalable bandwidth that is so important as the number of connected people and devices grows exponentially. When it comes to the healthcare industry, facilities cannot afford downtime or lost data. Connectivity must be secure and offer redundancy as well as reliable disaster recovery services.
At Cross River Fiber, we work with our partners in the healthcare field to implement custom connectivity solutions catered to specific needs and requirements. We offer solutions that are reliable, scalable, secure and fast so that data can be moved between locations with unprecedented dependability, freeing up staff to do what they do best – provide care to people. Cross River Fiber offers network design, management and construction, which many incumbent carriers are not able to provide. We recognize how important it is to choose a new fiber infrastructure that does not suffer from network loss from prior use of outdated techniques commonly found in older networks.

In our fast-paced, ultra-connected world, the network is an integral element to the success healthcare orgstethoscope-840125_640anizations. In fact, according to an article in Healthcare IT News, 41 percent of healthcare executives say the data volume their organizations manages increased by 50 percent over the course of a single year. The more automated and scalable the tools, the better healthcare professionals can serve the patients who entrust the
m with their wellbeing. The impact of the increasing number of smart, connected devices cannot be underestimated in the medical field. This “smart” equipment provides the analytics needed to gather data to better understand processes, maintain patient data, keep a current inventory of medical devices and their locations and manage personnel, among many other uses.

The network does not work without reliable connectivity, which is defined by reliable performance. This is where Cross River Fiber comes in. We provide a robust and effective network that supports the needs of the healthcare industry – from security and privacy to data analytics to the power to support a growing number of devices.

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