Industry Insight – Cross River Fiber and Healthcare

If you are a healthcare professional, you know just how much your industry relies on an efficient network. Medical records are shifting from paper to electronic files; facilities and offices must adhere to strict HIPAA regulations to safeguard those files; physicians share information with each other via secure portals; billing information is sent to insurance […]

Telecom Exchange Video Recap

If you didn’t get the chance to attend Telecom Exchange last month then you missed all the news Cross River Fiber released at the show! Don’t fret, we have you covered because below you will find videos that recap the news you missed as well what to expect from Cross River Fiber in the upcoming […]

Introducing CRF1400ll Monopole: Cross River Fiber’s Newest Addition

When it comes to electronic trading or sending market data feeds, moving information with speed is top priority. Large investment banks, high-frequency trading firms, and institutional investors rely on platforms with low-latency connectivity to execute millions of orders in mere milliseconds and without this, they loose their advantage in the open market. Cue Cross River […]